Olive (44 page comic)

by Mama Lips

  • Olive, 44 pages. Four years on from the events and the original written script, this comic is finally seeing the light of day. Back in 2011 Mama met Olive and developed a crush almost immediately. Just as Mama is about to tell Olive how they feel, Olive tells Mama some news....A comic about challenging what you've been taught,

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An autobiographical comic from Mama Lips, creator of the wonderful Transgender Step Parent, about friendship, crushes and sex work.

The comic tells the story of Andrew and Olive who spend a weekend together in Glasgow, where they discover more about each other than they imagined, and try to figure out whether their friendship could lead to something more.

This is such a lovely comic.

44 pages with a full colour cover bound into a lovely little A5 book.

- from Black Lodge Press


released February 2, 2016